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Black Label Wedge
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Quick Overview
The Black Label Wedge is a wicked, spice-filled wonder. Tucked under your hips, it adds one hot little pelvic tilt, offering deeper penetration and intensified sensations. Delicious like dark chocolate, this sexed-up slice elevates expertly to excel any oral adventures. Wedge measures 14" long and 7" tall. Includes: wrist cuffs and blindfold.
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Product Description
Need something a little more uplifting in the bedroom? You won’t go wrong with the Black Label Wedge which gives your partner a little lift to provide deeper access to her love tunnels! The Black Label Wedge is available in black and measures 14” long and 7” tall to give a little more cushion and lift to the back end. You’ll find new positions when you are able to create new inclines on the bed or the floor which will have you both feeling hot and sweaty in now time! For use by seasoned pros who like to take their passions up a notch and master their partner completely or curious novice players who want to see what all the talk is about when it comes to adult furniture. The Black Label Wedge is sure to please even the most hardened lovers as you take things firmly in hand and give them a good pounding from behind. Give your lovemaking some elevation and feel sensual and erotic as you give oral to your partner or receive it. Now you can concentrate on the moment instead of worry about losing it when your position fails and you or your partner slips from your hold.
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