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Art of Female Pleasuring - DVD
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Quick Overview
In this 2 disc set you will experience a unique and magical journey deep into the world of women loving themselves. This video is for women who want to take their pleasure into their own hands, and their partners want to be better lovers by witnessing how women find full-bodied pleasure. Jaiya, an expert in sexual wellness, will guide you and three other women through: Tantric Ritual, Self Massage, Sensual Dance, Orgasmic Breathing, High Erotic Trance States, Deep Orgasm. Beautifully shot in HD with artistry and elegance, the women on the video are captured in all of their sensuality. 2 disc set
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Product Description
The body of a woman is the most mysterious playground known to man and woman, herself. Don’t be afraid to take your pleasure into your own hands. The Art of Female Pleasuring will guide you to new heights of joy and deep seated pleasure. A two CD set, The Art of Female Pleasuring is sensual instructional journey to self eroticism and organism. Watch as Jaiya, an expert in sexual wellness, guides you and the three women on the CD through a magical journey of self discovery. You will learn the delights of Tantric Rituals, Self Massage, Sensual Dance, Orgasmic Breathing, High Erotic Trance States, and Deep Orgasm. Beautifully recorded in HD, this artistic journey shares the discoveries of the three women in full color and exquisite detail. Voyage with our three fellow explorers as they become aware of their own sensuality and sexuality. A perfect gift for yourself or your lover, learn the path to pleasure alone or with your partner. Take your senses into your own hands. Explore your body and learn what makes you scream with delight or purr with pleasure. Lovers can surprise their partners with new techniques and secrets learned from the Art of Female Pleasuring. Order today and start that voyage of self discovery.
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