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Nipple Double Chain
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Quick Overview
Sterling Silver Nipple Double Chain
Two Nipple Chains with Nipple Rings and Dangles: Includes Nipple Rings or Clips, Detachable Dangles and Detachable Nipple Chains. Chain detaches from Nipple Dangle and Ring Nipple Chains on Nipple Clips—Dangle is permanently attached. Measured by top chain. Which Nipple Rings will fit best?Single Wrap: Braided Adjustable Twisted Adjustable -For women with generally distinct nipples.Double Wrap Rings: Braid Double Wrap or Twist Double Wrap -Twice the wraps for women with larger than average nipples.Nipple Clips Small & Large- For women with indistinct, collapsing or inverted nipples.Which length of chain will fit best?Small 9 inch: For women who wear an A/B cup bra.Medium 11 inch: For women who wear a B/C plus cup bra.Large 14 inch: For women who wear a D plus cup bra.Men’s NNC: Medium 11 inch: For men who wear a 38-44 jacket.For women who prefer the chain to be visible between the breasts rather than drape below, purchase one size smaller.Choose your chain with beautiful crystals or semi precious gemstones.

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Product Description
Showcase your girls in a fabulous way with the Nipple Double Chain. It is a jewelry item that accentuates your round and sensual breasts for a variety of reasons. For one, the chain itself nicely complements your breasts because of how gorgeous it is. What makes it so gorgeous is the materials that it is crafted from, using nicely polished silver that is paired with semi-precious stones. The two play off each other, creating an eye catching selection that will leave an impression of beauty on anyone. What is super great about this selection is how you have your choice of a variety of colored stones from those that are pink, others that are blue, some that are purple, and much, much more. On top of how stunning the chain is, another reason why it accentuates your breasts is that it connects them together when normally they would be separate. So since they are connected, it creates an inviting situation that will result in sensual fun that you might have never experienced before. The piece is also flexible because you do not just need nipple rings to wear it as it also comes with nipple clips as well. A nice gift option, the Nipple Double Chain is one of those items that will tease and please. And if you really want to create a steamy foreplay scene, wear it with nothing on sitting on a bed for your partner to see. Now that would result in one happy ending.