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Clone A Willy Chocolate
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Quick Overview
Now a copy of your penis can satisfy your lovers sweet tooth! Make a totally edible Melt and Mold Milk Chocolate copy of any penis. Deliciously erotic, amazing detail, quick and fun.
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Product Description
In the mood for getting a little adventurous in the bedroom, well, then what you need to do to make your love making truly fun and special is by purchasing the Clone A Willy Chocolate sex kit. This is one unique buy because it allows you to make a mold, yes a mold, of your penis and give it to the one you love. That is right, it lets you make an actual chocolate mold of your penis, giving you a wonderful way to satisfy your lover’s sweet tooth. How it works is that you melt the chocolate that the Clone A Willy Chocolate comes with and then you dip your penis into the mold. It really is that easy, once everything cools, you take your penis out and are left with an edible replica of your Mr. Winkie. Extremely safe to use, all you have to do is follow the directions to really enjoy this product. It is perfect for giving the one you love a nice and fun gift before heading to the bedroom, you cannot go wrong by purchasing the Clone A Willy Chocolate sex kit. So do not waste any time if you want to do something different in the bedroom and buy yours now.
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